A Faulkner County mother is pleading for anyone with information about her missing son to anonymously let authorities know.

Michelle Collins’ 28-year-old son, Daniel "Dee" Horton, hasn’t been heard from since June 30. He was officially declared missing as of July 4. Collins had hoped, and still does, that he has just decided to "drop off the radar." But more than a month has passed without any trace of him.

"We don't have any evidence of a crime," Collins said. "He may have had an accident. He may have been walking down the road and was hit by a car. Anyone who remembers anything from June 30, please let someone know."

Collins is now publicly pleading for any tip — even the location of a body.

"Whoever knows where he’s at, please let us know by sending an anonymous text-a-tip." 

Conway Police Department Det. Brad Fornash is working the missing person case. Cell phone records that may show Horton’s location in the last few days his phone was on are being analyzed. Horton was using his phone almost around-the-clock from June 26 to 5:25 p.m. June 30, when phone activity stopped.

There is reason to think a certain area of Faulkner County may be of interest. Officials have searched some of this area, which is large and remote.

Anyone with information in this missing person case is urged to call the Conway Police Department at 450-6120 or text an anonymous tip to 274-637 (CRI-MES) and use the keyword "Conway."

Text-a-tip is a service provided by a third-party company. A text sent there goes to a "cloaking server" in Canada that strips any identifying information and encrypts a new "Tipster ID." Only the content of the message and this new, encrypted ID are received by local PD, which doesn’t have jurisdiction to reach the Canadian server.