The Conway Fire Department took advantage of a break in the rain Thursday to conduct water rescue training.

Capt. Jason Fulfer led members from CFD Engines 4 and 5 and Truck 5 in the training at Tucker Creek Trail near Country Club Road.

The department used the fast-moving water in the creek to practice techniques needed to rescue someone caught in a current. CFD used floating jugs as targets for the exercise.

Nine firefighters participated in the training.

"We have a Special Operations Rescue team that consists of five disciplines, one of which is swift water. This team is made up of specially-trained firefighters that hold the title of swift water technician," CFD Chief Mike Winter said. "This groups trains year-round as flash flooding can occur anytime during the year. The entire department is trained to the basic level, but our technicians are trained with the knowledge of how currents and water flow work to affect a rescue during those events when civilians underestimate the power of moving water."

With heavy rain forecast for the weekend, the department offered some information about flooding, including some safety tips, on its website,

• Never cross water of unknown depth. Roads can be washed out or there could be underwater obstructions. Two feet of running water can carry away most vehicles, including trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUVs).

• Get to higher ground and avoid low spots in the road.

• Never cross barriers that emergency personnel have put in place.

• Flood dangers can be more difficult to recognize at night.

• Flooding is the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S.