The Arkansas National Guard Environmental Office will conduct a prescribed burn over approximately 1,410 acres of land on Camp Robinson in North Little Rock – weather conditions permitting today (March 21) starting approximately 9:30 a.m.

Monday’s burn will be in the northern area of the installation just south of Highway 89 in Faulkner County.

The intent of the burn is to reduce the amount of natural fuel on the ground in order to benefit wildlife, and reduce the risk to the surrounding communities from wildfires.

Periodic burns are conducted involving small, controllable, areas of Camp Robinson in order to effectively manage natural resources, provide optimum access to training areas and capitalize on good conditions to add a burn buffer zone to prevent accidental fires resulting from ongoing military training operations.

The smaller burns also reduce the likelihood of accidental fires from turning into dangerous wildfires during the volatile dry summer months. This particular burn must be performed to reduce the risk of wildfire for our upcoming mortar fire training exercise in April.

Post firefighters and environmental personnel will monitor the activity, and adjacent fire departments are notified as a precaution to ensure public safety for areas neighboring the post.

The Arkansas National Guard requests are notifying the surrounding communities of the burn in an effort to ease concerns over what is likely burning, as well as give advance notice to those nearby residents with health conditions that might be aggravated by exposure to the smoke.

"We appreciate the patience and understanding of our neighbors in the communities surrounding the post during these necessary preventative burn periods," reads a media release from the Arkansas National Guard.