From years of experience, from youngsters to celebrities, there is no toadally surefire way to handle a racing toad.

Some say it’s similar to relating to a girlfriend: Whisper in its ear and it will do anything. The trick is finding the toad’s ear.

Then, there’s the diva method: Applause. A toad, like humans, will reach back for a little extra with applause.

Another method is referred as the wife-nurturing approach: Blow on its back and the toad will be at your command — at least for awhile.

And there’s the ‘Mom’ in her ‘clean- your-room’ approach: Yell at it. Steady and stern.

There’s the heavy-handed strategy: Slap just behind the toad. (Just make sure the toad doesn’t make a sudden backward move).

The fairy tale princess approach: Kiss it. One beauty queen once said that it may not assure victory, but there was possible a chance it could turn into a handsome prince.

About 300 toads will be used for weekend races, from youngsters to celebrities. Probably, motivation techniques are as different and varied as they are for any athlete.

There’s always a surprise with a toad goes on its own tangent — or "toadgent."

When then-Gov. Bill Clinton participated in the race in 1988, his toad jump off — way out of its lane.

Clinton analyzed: "Just like the Legislative. It took a turn to the right."