The University of Central Arkansas Percussion Ensemble will perform its first concert of the spring semester at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Snow Fine Arts Center Recital Hall.    

"This concert is filled with music that is fun to play and a lot of fun to listen to," said Dr. Blake Tyson, director. "With the incredible variety of percussion instruments on stage, it’s also a lot of fun to watch.    

"The concert will be made up largely of music that explores our heritage as percussionists."    

Offerings will include five virtuoso works for solo xylophone and marimba band by Ragtime master George Hamilton Green; "Away Without Leave" by Bob Becker, which features styles ranging from rudimental drumming to rock and funk; "Second Construction" by John Cage, which highlights the diversity of the ensemble, utilizing instruments such as tuned gongs, Indian rattles, and a thundersheet; and "Bonham" by Christopher Rouse, a tribute to John Bonham, the late drummer for Led Zeppelin.    

Tyson said he hoped to see a packed house, as having a large audience always increases the intensity of any performance.    

"I am very proud of the students that make up the UCA Percussion Ensemble," he said. "Their incredible technique and brilliant musicianship make working with them both an honor and a pleasure."    

For more information, contact Tyson at (501) 450-5263 or