PERMIT NUMBERS AR0050253 AND AR0050253C, AFIN 23-00611

In accordance with Ark. Code Ann. § 8-4-203(e), the Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment - Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Office of Water Quality, gives the following notice:

Hayden's Place Utility Operating Company, LLC - Hayden's Place Subdivision operates a facility located as follows: Bowling Lane, Conway, AR 72032 in Faulkner County. The facility is currently permitted to discharge treated municipal wastewater into an unnamed tributary of Bentley Creek (a.k.a. Warren Creek), thence to Bentley Creek, thence to Palarm Creek, thence to Lake Conway, thence to Palarm Creek, thence to the Arkansas River in Segment 3F of the Arkansas River Basin. The permittee submitted an application on October 3, 2019, with all additional information received by June 19, 2020, for the major modification of NPDES Permit No. AR0050253 and the modification of state construction Permit No. AR0050253C. The application has been reviewed by the DEQ's Office of Water Quality and has received tentative approval subject to the terms of this notice.

Proposed construction will include a moving bed biological reactor, drum filter, ultraviolet disinfection, and alum dosing for phosphorus removal. The design flow will be increasing to 0.042 MGD. The draft modified NPDES discharge permit includes these changes.

The 208 Plan, developed by the DEQ under provisions of Section 208 of the federal Clean Water Act, is a comprehensive program to work toward achieving federal water goals in Arkansas. The initial 208 Plan, adopted in 1979, provides for annual updates, but can be revised more often if necessary. Updates to the 208 Plan have been proposed to change the design flow from 0.03 MGD to 0.042 MGD, add the existing instantaneous maximum TRC permit limit of 0.011 mg/l, add a monthly average TP limit of 1.0 mg/l, and update the facility name to Hayden's Place Utility Operating Company, LLC - Hayden's Place Subdivision. These changes have also been incorporated into the draft discharge permit.

Citizens wishing to examine or obtain copies of the permit applications, the draft permitting decision, the Statements of Basis, or the 208 Plan may do so at the DEQ headquarters located at 5301 Northshore Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72118-5317. To request a copy of one or more of the documents, please call (501) 682-0623. For those with Internet access, a copy of the proposed draft permits as well as the publication date may be found on the DEQ's website at:

Comments on the draft permits will be accepted in accordance with Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission (APC&EC) Rule 8.208. DEQ's contact person for submitting written comments on the draft permit or 208 Plan, or requesting a public hearing on the draft permits or the proposed changes to the 208 Plan, is Zachary Carroll, at the above address and telephone number or by email at

The period for submitting comments on the draft permits and 208 Plan, and for requesting a public hearing, shall begin on the date of publication of the public notice and end at 4:30 P.M. (Central Time) on the 30th day after the publication date. If the last day of the comment period is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the public comment period shall expire on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday. For information regarding the actual publication date along with the actual date and time the comment period will end, please contact Zachary Carroll at the above address and telephone number or by email at Public notice, comments, and hearings will be conducted in accordance with APC&EC Rules 6.104(A)(5) [40 CFR §§124.10 through 124.12 by reference] and 8.207 through 8.210 (Administrative Procedures). All persons, including the permittee, who wish to comment on DEQ's draft permitting decision must submit written comments to DEQ, along with their name and mailing address. A Public Hearing will be held when DEQ finds a significant degree of public interest. After the public comment period, DEQ will issue a final permitting decision. DEQ will notify the applicant and each person who has submitted written comments or requested notice of the final permitting decision. Any interested person who has submitted comments may appeal a final decision by DEQ in accordance with the APC&EC Rule 8.