A Clinton City Council member was forced to move out of her district for close to a month while he home was being refurbished.

The council member, Gayla Bradley, represents Ward 1 on the six-member council.

The construction, which took place in October, has been completed and she is back in her home, Bradley said. A social-media rumor that she had moved out of the city was incorrect, Bradley said, with her being displaced “for not even a month.”

She had called the Municipal League to make sure what was taking place was legal and it was, Bradly said. During the time her home was being worked on, she did not change her address, she said.

Clinton Mayor Richard McCormac said he was aware of Bradley’s situation.

Clinton City Attorney Chad Brown said Bradley having to move while her home was being worked on is legally acceptable.

Brown used the example of someone’s home suffering a catastrophe, such as a fire, and them having to move out while the home is being repaired. If that person lives outside their elected district while the home is being repaired, even if repairs take an extended period of time, they are not forced to leave their office.

The same rule would apply, allowing someone to take a vacation outside their district, he said. To be removed from office, anyone bringing charges against a council member would have to prove not only that they abandoned the home, but that they had no intention of returning.

Brown pointed to a legal case about an Arkansas Lt. Governor Bill Halter some years ago which clarified the case law in such matters when questions about Halter’s residency were brought up in his election campaign. Halter served as Lt. Governor 2007-2011.

Removing someone from office is a matter of a law suit being brought by someone who is affect by the office holder’s move, which included a burden of proof that the move meant an address had been abandoned, Brown said.

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