By Michelle Pape


With the help of First Service Bank, Springhill Elementary students are learning real life lessons. Gone are the days of ticket-like Panther Bucks. Now students in grades 3 through 5 have a bank account.

The bank will be equipped with a Chromebook to access the student’s accounts. The fifth-grade gifted and talented students will work the bank. Principal Stephanie Worthey said the students will earn bucks for working, but they can also "lose their job" by not following procedures. There will be banking hours to allow the students to come and make deposits into their accounts. They will fill out deposit slips, the tellers will access their accounts and someone will verify the amounts.

The students will also learn responsibility by keeping up with their deposit receipts in case there is ever a discrepancy in the amounts. The students earn their Panther Bucks for making good choices. There will be a Panther Store at the end of each month.

Students will make a withdrawal from the school bank by filling out a form and getting a cashier’s check to use at the store.

"Not only does this program teach and reinforce good behavior and choices, it’s a great economic lesson for all our third, fourth and fifth graders," Worthey said.

An official ribbon cutting to open the bank was attended by students, Worthey, assistant principal Tally Harp, Mandy Uekman, First Service Bank members along with Dena DeValle from the Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce. DeValle explained to the students what the role of the Chamber is in the community and its involvement with local businesses. This was followed by the Panther Bank’s official first deposit.

The First Service staff then gave the students tips and answered questions about working in the bank.