Special to the Log Cabin

First graders at St. Joseph Elementary School visited the high school on Sept. 22 to see what goes on in a science class.

Students from Kay Lynn Hill and Courtney Pope’s classes go to visit Jim Belote’s class during the trip. Belote teaches biology, anatomy and chemistry.

"They’d learned about microscopes before but had never seen or used one," Belote said. "My 10th graders had grown cultures of Protozoa in pond water and we used the opportunity to show the youngsters how to use microscopes. They were excited to see so many tiny creatures in a drop of water."

Pope thought the best part of her students’ time was seeing everything in their science books come to life.

"They got to see what was alive and moving in the pond samples," she said. "They saw how it was put on a slide. They also got to draw parts of a Paramecium."

Mr. Belote’s students were helpful during the activities.

"They showed much kindness, patience and knowledge of their subject matter," Pope noted.