The Acts Play at the University of Central Arkansas at Reynolds Performance Hall was awesome last Thursday night. Hats of to the occupational therapy students, Dr. Cathy Acre and Dr. Jennifer Moore and Brian Young and all the soap opera stars including Sandy Jo Dowdy, that performed in front of a house full. Each one of you did a fantastic job.

The title was These are the ACTS of Our Lives. If you missed it, what a shame. These guys and gals put their whole hearts in to acting and performing and have done an excellent job over the years. As on their program says, it all Like sands through the hourglalss thanks for sharing the ACTS of our lives. Way to Go Sandy Jo Dowdy. We all love you.

There will be a Christmas dinner at Mount Olive Baptist Church at 6 p.m. Dec. 5, and you’re invited.

Wow, everyone needs to wish Venice Joyner a happy 95th birthday on Dec. 4. This is still one great lady. I spent lots of time with her when I was younger, and she always could tell some good stories and she still is sharp as a whistle. Venise we love you and wish you many more years to come.   

Speaking of birthdays, happy birthday next week to me, Donna (Rimmer) Burrows, Donna Jo (Stevenson) Duncan, Johnny Dowdy, Jim Henry of North Little Rock and any one else who is having a birthday. And Doris Watkins will have a birthday on the 30th.

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and they spend it with family and take time out to enjoy each other.

I spent some time with Landon, my grandson on Tuesday evening. I picked him up at day care and said what do u want to do Landon. He said Nana pizza go eat pizza so that is what we did  we went to Pizza Inn, and he saw the pizza man and the wrestling team from Central Baptist College and had a great time. Can’t wait for Christmas and Santa this year he is all excited about it. I love being a Nana. 

Have a great week and count your blessings. 

Please keep Sue Passmore, Amanda Dowdy Hooten, Aleshia Holbrook, Sandy Dowdy, Betty Griffith, Brandon Clendinen and any one else that is sick in the community. Please remember to be safe over the holidays and not to drink and drive.  

Montene Tarkington celebrated her birthday last weekend with her family visiting and they had dinner together. What a blessing to be honored with your friends and family. We love you, Montene.

Send news to or call 679-3299.  


By Jennifer Freeman

Some weeks I go through the whole week not acknowledging that I learned something new. Not this week. 

The strange part is where I gained so much knowledge. It was at the Cardin deer camp. First, I learned that we camp in zone 505. I have thought it was zone 6 for 20 years. You can speculate on how we were enlightened about our actual zone number, more specifically where we hunt. 

Second, I learned about the 77 Falcon. What a beastly machine the Falcon is. I would love to share a few other things that are quite humorous over the week end but was threatened numerous times. All jokes aside, Haven Cardin is quite competitive while playing games and playing games with her was more fun when I was winning than when she won. Brooklyn and Kellie played with us but were a little bit calmer. 

Kellie Cardin was able to successfully prepare tons of French toast both Saturday and Sunday morning without problems but Dylan suspected that his biscuit with a black bottom was cooked by Mrs. Kellie. 

The kids are really growing up, but all seem to appreciate the opportunity to get together every year without the distractions of jobs and busy schedules to hang out as they have been doing since birth. There is nothing better than a campfire and eating big potluck meals in the middle of the woods. I would list all of the attendees but am afraid I would forget someone so I will tell you there were tons of Cardins, a few Freemans and the Bauders.  

Sunday night, I received a phone call from my brother, Ed Hall, that he had run over a deer by Batesville Mountain Road in Damascus. It did quite a bit of damage to his truck, but he is okay. We couldn’t find the deer, so I assume it took the crash better than his truck. Kaylee was glad to have a little time with her Uncle Eddie while we took him to work after the crash but I hate that he had to have a wreck for our quality time.

Shady Grove

By Hazel Love 

There is a young lady in Shady Grove that deserves a great big thank you for her benevolent heart. Haley Elzey, 9 years old, felt the need to collect food for the Bethlehem House in Conway. Haley collected canned goods and cash, enough to donate 33 cans of food to this worthy institution. Thanks, Haley, for seeing a need and doing something about it.

Congratulations to the Greenbrier Panther football team upon their first win over Green County Tech in the Class 5A state playoffs. Hopefully, they can repeat their success this Friday at Watson Chapel.  

Basketball season has also started. The senior boys and girls defeated Clinton on Tuesday. Thursday, the Lady Panthers defeated the Benton Lady Panthers. As of this writing, I do not know how the boys did in Fayetteville.

Please be in prayer for Elois McCaghren, mother of Joann Townsend. She is scheduled for heart surgery this Friday.

The community sends our sympathy to Thurl Smith and family in the death of his mother on Wednesday.



By Margie Fulmer 

Service was good at Oakland Methodist Church last Sunday. Pastor LaNita always wills our cups full and running over with the word. We were blessed with an addition to the church. Mrs. Joy Ransom was welcomed into the church family. 

Some of our church men were in the deer woods but will be back tomorrow. Deer are plentiful this year and many have been destroyed. They are beautiful animals, but sometimes can be pests and also cause accidents.

Mrs. Barbara Glover, wife of Gail Glover, has had knee surgery and is now in rehab. They need and would appreciate your prayers.

The Faulkner County Singing Club was well attended last Sunday afternoon at Spring Hill Baptist Church. We appreciate all who come and help us out. We thank the singers and pianists who come from other counties. Helen Tapley works hard at inviting people to come. The next singing will be held at Graham Chapel Methodist Church, east of Conway on Highway 64, Dec. 12. Their church is always decorated for Christmas.

At the Holland Baptist Church on Sunday, the opening song for the worship service was followed by the baptism of one of the youth, Braden Sineath accepted Christ as his Savior several weeks ago but waited to be baptized in the new sanctuary. After Bro. Ron’s message from the Beatitudes. Another of their youth, Jeffrey Daffron, came forward for salvation and church membership. The church is thankful for the work of their youth leaders, David and Rebecca Smith.

Their hearts are dedicated to helping these young people in every area of their lives. Sunday night was a very solemn special night with the ordination of Bro. Kenny Mullins as a deacon. This was followed by a time of food and fellowship. It was a blessing to have several visitors, both Sunday morning and Sunday night.

They are anticipating a great time of Thanksgiving and fellowship at the community Thanksgiving meal at 6 p.m. Sunday. They are the host church this year. They are looking forward to having the Methodist Church join them as well as others in the community. Everyone is welcome!

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy recently visited his aunt Ruth McElroy in Oklahoma. They had a nice trip.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Even when we cannot see how, God can provide fur us.