Guy News 

By Brenda Dowdy Holt 

Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and gave thanks for all the right things. Sometimes we take so much in life for granted and forget the small things that are important.

Last Saturday I spent the day with Sandy Dowdy, Tristen Hays, Dana and Landon Dowdy. We went to the Dazzle Days and had a good time.

Don’t forget that Dec. 4th is Ms. Venice Joyner’s Birthday, and everyone that knows her needs to call or send her a birthday message. Venice we love you and wish you many more blessed birthdays.

I need to back track a little bit I said some mis informed info last week regarding the dinner at Mt. Olvie Baptist Church which is for the Mt. Olive Baptist Church Senior Saints. which is a tradition every year. Sorry about the misinformation.

Landon Dowdy was glad to see his Daddy come home from the deer camp last week.  

Happy belated birthday to the daughter of John and Pam Clay and granddaughter of Sue Clay, Kelsey Clay turned the BIG 14! Hope you had a great birthday. She also gets to celebrate her birthday with her great Aunt Weda Matthews from Quitman who turned 72. Happy Birthday to you to Weda.

Bronc Barton son of Wendy Barton and Shane Barton and grandson of Curtis Lee and Sylvia Barton and Linda and Jack Harmon he celebrated his birthday on the 2nd and turned the big one the Big 16! WOW how times flies! It doesn’t seem like you should be that old. Hope your birthday was a great one.

Johnny Dowdy had a birthday on the 26th. We hope you had a great day! Last Sunday, Sandy Dowdy, Jerry, Dana and Landon Dowdy and Junior Dowdy of Conway, Betty Griffith and my self ate Thanksgiving Dinner with Johnny. He cooked turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. Mom asked him last year where the sweet potato pie was and this year he made one just for her. Every thing was really good.  

Hope everyone is resting this morning after rushing with the crowds for the BIG BLACK Friday Sales. Hope everyone got their bargains they were looking for.

Don’t forget the sick and the elderly this winter they get lonely and love phone calls and visits. Everyone is always wanting to help people in other communities when we have people right here that need our help and encourgement.

Please keep Dean Mallett, Betty Griffith, Sue Passmore and anyone else that is sick in the community or has lost a loved one. 

Send news to or call 679-3299. I know everyone will have visitors this past week for the holidays and several going on trips visiting family please share it with me so that I can have news from the community. Be safe, and remember don’t drink and drive, and don’t text and be safe make wise choices.