By Jennifer Freeman

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday this year and spending quality time with friends and loved ones. Teachers and students are excited to have a much needed winter break and I hope that everyone remembered to count their blessings Christmas morning.  

The Centerville United Methodist Church had their Christmas program last Sunday, Dec. 19, during our regular church service. There was quite a crowd and we followed the service with some cookies and hot cocoa.  

Please continue to pray for my father-in-law, Jim Freeman, as he continues to improve from an accident. He is continuing to gain strength and is ready to come home. I think he misses being at his house with his family but know that he can’t wait to catch up with his bulldog buddy, Tough. Also keep my sister, Mary Hall, in your prayers this week. She had surgery at UAMS on Monday to improve blockages in her legs.  

Darrel and I were surprised when the Cardins showed up on Thursday night, Dec. 23, to give a little gift to Dylan. He was teasing Mrs. Kellie in the deer woods about some of the things she stuffed stockings with and made a reference to salt and pepper in stockings. He was excited when he learned about a surprise present and was reminded about his comment when he unwrapped his very own disposable salt and pepper. We followed the festivities by both families eating out at Chef Lins in Greenbrier. It was a wonderful meal with wonderful friends, a little teasing, and lots of laughter. 

Be careful if traveling and enjoy what is left of your holiday weekend. Remember to check on those who are not able to get out this year or could use a little company. A few minutes of your time could really mean a lot to someone feeling a little lonely. Merry Christmas from the community of Centerville.




Happy New Year Year Everyone! Hope that everyone had a safe night to enter this new year of 2011! Wow it seems another year has come and gone. Hope you have had a great 2010 and wish you the best for 2011.

Dorothy and Kenny Glover had their family over on Christmas Eve. Looks like they had quite a few to show up. We hope they hd a great day with family.

Jerry Dana and Landon Dowdy and Sandy Dowdy of Conway and Johnny Dowdy of Quitman came to my house along with my Mom Betty Griffith on Christmas Eve. We had Fried potatoes pinto beans, cornbread and taco soup. That is what everyone wanted to eat so that is what we had. For dessert we had mountain dew rolls. Everything was great. The food company and enjoying each other. Landon had a great time. Sandy and I went and spent the CHristmas Eve with Landon so that Santa could come during the night. The look on Landon’s face when he saw his John Deere Jeep was worth it. Children are so special and precious at that age! Wouldn’t change the time we spent together for nothing in the world.

Hope this new year will be a safe one and a happy one for each of you. Remember to share your news and family gatherings with me so that I can share with others. You wouldn’t believe the people that call and say they read the news and love hearing about what is going on in our great community. People from out of state love reading the Saturday column. But I am asking each of you this year to send me news so that I can share. It is really hard to write this column without your in put.  

Congratulations to Morgan Poole and Joshua wade Evatt who will unit in marriage today at 2 p.m. at Mt. Olive Church in Guy. Morgan and Joshua  we ish you many many years of happiness together just remember to take one day at a time and never go to bed mad or forget to show each other that you love them. It is those little things that add up to big things and bring happiness. Take care of each other.

Please keep the following in your prayers Marlyn Anrea, Betty Griffith, Frankide Battles, Montine Tarkington, and anyone that is sick in the community or not in our community.  Venice Joyner is improving and is back at the nursing home in Jacksonville. We were glad to hear that.

Have a great week and remember to not drink and drive and to check on the elderly and pets during this cold weather. Send news to or call 679-3299.


By Jennifer Freeman

I hope everyone had a good break with family and friends over the Christmas holidays and I hope that 2011 brings good things to each and every one of you. There are many blessings for this week but also some prayer requests. One blessing for this week was found when I viewed the current magazine for 501 Life and saw my wonderful friend, Lucy Worm, featured with her store at Pickles Gap. The article did a fabulous job of introducing readers to Lucy and sharing insight about her products available for purchase at The Wax Worm, located inside Pickles Gap Village.  

Please pray for the family of Joe Halsey. He passed away on Christmas Eve in his home. I also learned that Jim Jolly had a heart attack last Friday but was doing well after a surgery and some stints to get him back on track.  Erin Shaw and family headed out to Texas on Monday to spend time with her family for Christmas. I believe that they will return to Arkansas on Friday and get things in order to return to school this week.  

Please keep my sister, Mary Hall, in your prayers. She went in for surgery on Monday to open veins in her legs that were blocked. The surgery was a little more extensive than we were prepared for. Her blockage was in the aorta and she had to have a bypass. She is having some complications and needs a few extra prayers so that she can recover and come home.  

Christmas Day was extra special for us this year because we were able to have Jim home for a few hours. Having been gone for almost five weeks, he was glad to be able to sit in his recliner and rub his bulldog’s head for a few hours. Jamie and Zach Allen came down from Benton, Lynda Chambers came by for a nice visit, and Darrel and I had Dylan and Kaylee for his celebration. He told Darrel that it was his best Christmas ever. Jim is continuing to improve and gain strength daily and should be returning home soon. Christmas with my family was on Sunday afternoon in Conway and we saw quite a crowd. That is to be expected when there are six kids in the family and tons of grandkids and great grandkids. Happy New Year’s Day!


By Margie Fulmer

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve service on Friday at 2 p.m. Thanks to Pastor LaNita and Bro. Donny for making it possible for Pat Lewis in Colorado to be a part of our service via the Internet. This was a historical moment for Oakland United Methodist Church as we broadcast our services across two time zones, using her computer at home, Pat was able to view our service live, while we ere able to visit with her on the pastor’s computer set up in the sanctuary. We are also on Facebook. Our mission as United Methodist Christians is "Go to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Most of our family were here Christmas Eve for our Christmas meal and gift opening. Everyone enjoyed visiting and playing games. With 12 great-granchildren around, there is never a dull moment.

Bach McGinty got to come home for Christmas. He came in Friday from the V.A. Hospital Rehab and returned Sunday afternoon. Their guest for supper Christmas Eve and later were Charles Earnhart (Marian and Sunny’s brother) and Kristi Earnhart, Mark and Mary Earnhart, all of Mayflower. Carol Butts, her daughter, Brittney, and friend of Cabot. Dusty and Lauren Mayhall of Fayetteville. Dale and Elizabeth and Brandon Johnson, Doy B. and Judy Cardin of Conway and Bach’s brother, Paul McGinty of McGinty Town.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy visited Calvin and Edith Robertson at McGinty Town recently.

Sandra and Lewis Joy Cardin and Betty Applegate enjoyed their family Christmas. Walt, Toni, Breanne, Katybeth and Emily Pruitt of Greenbrier. Shawnna, Brian, Brad Shannon, and Jason and Trinity Cardin. Enjoying their meal, visitng and gift giving.

Weldon and Leotta Ingram of Enola visited Betty Applegate on Saturday. Betty and Leotta have been good friends many years.

Nelson and Joyce Furiegh of Conway visited us on Thursday aafternoon. We always enjoy their visits. Joyce and I worked side by side at International Shoe Co. many years.

Bobi Hendrickson spent Christmas with her family in Russellville. Her daughter, Sandy and husband, Jim Stephens, and their daughter, Riley and husband, Nick Tourone.

John and Sherry Sellers (our daughter) took Ray and me and John’s mother, Ms. Ulma Sellers, out to eat one night and viewed the beautiful Christmas lights.

Remember the Faulkner County Singing Club will meet Jan. 9 at Life Song Baptist Church in Greenbrier. Everyone is invited.

May God have mercy on our country with the start of a New Year.

Shady Grove

By Hazel Love

Another wonderful Christmas with family and friends has gone and a new year is here today. Think now what you can do to make 2011 a better year for your self and family and what you can do to help your fellow man. There are so many who are less fortunate, even in our community. What can you do to help?

Bill and I had a good family Christmas. Michael and family did not get to come on Christmas day as he was working and Adri and kids were in Rogers with her family so we opened gifts with them on Thursday. We still have my family in Star City to share Christmas with coming up soon.

Ed and Linda Hammontree hosted the Love family Christmas this past Monday night in the Family Life Center of Bethlehem Baptist Church. There were 22 family members present representing Bill, Gene and Linda’s family’s.

Relatives of the late  Harrell Dean and Treva Henry met at Central Baptist Church Youth Room in Conway for a Christmas Eve Brunch and Dirty Santa Gift Exchange. Those attending were Wendell Talley, James, Janet, John and Jordan Spotts of Vilonia, Doug, Mandy, and Luke Talley, Justin, Jade and Pace Spotts all of Greenbrier, Johnny, Will, and Elizabeth Kennedy, Anna Kennedy, Fred and Joy Wiedower, all of Conway, Julie Kaylor of Maumelle, Ginny Wiedower, Chad Hensley, Gale and Carl Garrison.

Carl and Karen Garrison, Whitney Garrison of Maumelle and Gale Garrison enjoyed Christmas Day Brunch and gift exchange.

I need to make a couple of corrections from last weeks article on Hailey Ellzey. I left out a very important part of the article, that upon learning that the hospital could not accept used books, she donated them to Haven House. Also she is the daughter of Jason and Becca Ellzey and the granddaughter of Greg and Barbara Canten. My apologies for the error.

Our sympathy goes to the Wayne Glover family. He leaves many relatives in the Greenbrier, Wooster, Shady Grove area including his daughter, Melissa (Breeze) Robinson and brothers and sisters.

The Bethlehem Food Pantry will be serving the community on Jan. 3rd from 2:30p.m.-5:30p.m.