Holland News


What beautiful weather we’ve enjoyed this week in contrast of the last two weeks. But just hang around and it will change again. Our beautiful Arkansas. I still think we have the prettiest state in the union.

I spent part of last week in Conway Regional Medical Center, suffering from the flu and pneumonia. I’ve missed church and the club singings lately, but I’m praying I’ll be well soon.

I’m sure a lot of the school children enjoyed being home during the "big snow," our daughter, Sherry and husband, John Sellers, enjoyed their nine grandchildren playing in the snow on sleds being pulled by 4-wheelers, making snow men and precious memories. But some of the older generation complained of "Cabin Fever".

Betty Applegate, Sandra and Lewis Jay Cardin enjoyed their grandchildren recently. Breanne, Katybeth, Emily Pruitt, Trinity Cardin, Brian and Brad Shannon, Shawna Shannon and Walt and Toni Pruitt, and Jason Cardin.

Rosa Lee Collins had lunch recently with her granddaughters, Cara and Tara Collins at Wooster Elementary School.

We lost one of our citizens this past week when Jannette (Jackson) Shie went to live with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Her family has our sympathy. Also sympathy goes to Marguarite Goggans in the loss of her beloved daughter, Martha.

I wish to thank all of you for your prayers for me when I am sick. Those prayers are what bring us through.

Also the cards, calls, food were all appreciated. May Gob bless each one of you.

Neighbors please send me your news. I need your input.

February has always been a big birthday month for citizens at Holland.

May God watch over us and keep our country safe this New Year.

Guy News


Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Enjoy!

We have several in this community that are sick and need our prayers. Jerry Bruce Rowlett has been in the hospital and is very sick Jerry we want you to know we are thinking of you and that u are in our prayers. Get well soon and listern to your doctors. We love you you don’t know how many are pulling for you and wish you the best.

Please keep the following in your prayers too  Brandon Clendenin, Betty Griffith, Wilma Stevenson, Frankee dee Battles, BF Glover (who is back at work now), Fisher Glover (who has been in the hospital) and anyone else that has been sick or in the hospital.

Brianna Hays came up this weekend from collee and spent Friday night with us along with her sister Britten and her mom. This was Carolyns weekend to stay with mom.  

Landon James Dowdy stay with his Nanna last week during the snow. We had lots of fun and heloved the snow.   

Hope that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. It is never to late to tell someone you love them and do something special for them. We never know what tomorrow has in store for us.

Have a great week and remember to be safe and don’t drink and drive and don’t forget to buckle up or you might get stopped with the Click It or ticket send news to holtb42@yahoo.com or call 501-679-3299. People I can’t put it in the news if I don’t hear from you.  

Happy Birthday to Heath Williams and many more to come.

Centerville News


How strange it is to have missed three days of school for snow last week and see weather in the seventies this week. Only in Arkansas. While I don’t have much community news, I do have a little bit to add. After church last Sunday, I planned to take Dylan and Kaylee to see a movie. We seem to be getting into the habit of that lately. Kaylee invited Brooke Butler and Dylan invited Joseph Shaw to accompany them. Erin met us at the theater so that she, Lonnie, and Thomas could see the movie. We saw Gnomeo and Juliet and it was kind of a cute cross between the typical Shakespeare classic and garden gnomes. I will probably think of the movie each time I see a gnome for the rest of my life but it was cute and I enjoyed watching the kids giggle.  

Please keep the Shaws in your prayers this week as Jeff’s grandmother, Luda Shaw, passed away. Luda was loyal to the Centerville area and an avid reader of the Centerville news. Her funeral was Wednesday at Roller McNutt Funeral Home in Greenbrier and I know that her family will miss her dearly. Erin and I were talking about how sad it feels when you lose someone you love and it triggered emotions I felt after losing my grandma, Mary Canten. I was heartbroken that I would not get to share any more time with her on earth but was quite sure that she was ready to join grandpa. I understand that bond because I can’t imagine having to live without Darrel in my life. I had always known that she was strong and would survive without grandpa, but always felt that she would be happy to be reunited with him in heaven. Grandma wasn’t able to work or garden her last few years and just didn’t seem as content. She spoke frequently of seeing Howard again. After she passed, I would think more about her happiness at being joined with grandpa than my sadness at losing someone so dear. As cheesy as it is, here is a poem I wrote after her death:  

Howard and Mary are together again surrounded in Heaven by family and friends.

God waited until the time was right then welcomed her into his home and held her tight thanking her for all the great things she had done and for patiently waiting to enter her new home.