Arkansas Farm Bureau and the State Committee on Rural Health and Safety are sponsoring a statewide Safety Promotion Poster Contest. 

The contest will run in conjunction with Farm Bureau’s Agricultural Safety Awareness Week, March 6-12. The Theme for the Poster should be related to some aspect of safety, such as: farm machinery, chemicals, home, fire, buss, tornado, poisoning, etc.

Contest Objectives

A. Promote safety through publicity received on posters in the county contest

B. Educate students on the importance of safe behavior.

Rules and Rewards

A. Health and safety promotion is the overall theme.

B. In order to be considered in the state competition, the student’s name, address grade, school, county, and parents’ names and telephone numbers must be written on the back of the entry. Posters without proper identification will be disqualified.

C. There are two categories of competition.

1. Students in grades one,two, and three of Arkansas Primary Schools (only one entry per student per year)

2. Students in grades four, five, and six of Arkansas Primary Schools (only one entry per student per year)

D. Only two entries per county (one in each category)

E. The entry must be prepared on poster board not exceeding 25 inches by 35 inches.

F. The entry can be three dimensional ( this is to allow participants to use theme related objects on their posters)

G. An official of the county Farm Bureau must certify the entry as authentic work by an eligible student by signing and dating the back of the poster. Adults should not do the work for the students.

H. First-place winner is each category will receive a $100 cash prize, and sceond-place winner in each category will receive a $75 cast prize and $50 for third. (Prizes on the county level will be at the discretion of the county committee.)

I. Entries must be submitted to the state office by Friday, March 18, 2011.

County Prizes: for each category — $25 first place, $15 second place, $10 third place.