Foothills Chapter stream team in Damascus

DAMASCUS — The Foothills Chapter of the Arkansas Master Naturalists met on the North Cadron Creek near Damascus the morning of Saturday, July 11.

They all jumped right in with waders and boots and began kicking rocks to stir up the water to find and count small animals that live in streams- macroinvertebrates. Water samples were also collected and analyzed according to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) guidelines for Stream Teams. The number of macroinvertebrates, as well as the chemical composition of water samples will tell the team and AGFC the health of the stream.

A healthy stream will have healthy fish, plants, and many smaller life forms, such as mayflies, water pennies, and damselflies. Streams that are not as healthy will have lifeforms that require less pollution-free water, such as aquatic worms. The poorer the water quality the less chance for higher bug counts and macro life.

All water, bug, worms, clams, are collected, cataloged, and gently returned to the stream in good condition. Please treat our water systems and the great outdoors as kindly as you would your own family or home.

We are pleased to report that our analysis of this steam of water continues to be in very good condition!

Stream team collections are done on the beautiful streams of Arkansas by the Master Naturalists chapters, along with other activities throughout the year. Any activity will comply with CDC guidelines for Covid-19.

Check us out on Facebook (Foothills Arkansas Master Naturalists), our YouTube Channel (Foothills FAMN) or our websites: http://www.arkansasmaster or email us at Foothills

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