At least two homes on Tolkien Drive made reports of criminal mischief when they found golf balls in their yard. One home also had window damage from the golf balls.

One homeowner reported that around midnight he heard a loud noise outside his home. When he went to investigate he found several golf balls in the backyard. His wife saw silhouettes of people a few houses down.

The reporting officer had been in the area already dealing with juveniles and went to their house to see if they had been hitting golf balls that evening. When the officer asked about the golf balls, the juveniles denied involvement, but when their father asked about it they confessed they had been hitting golf balls that evening.

At that point it was too dark to see if there were damages to the house.

The next morning, another homeowner on the same street reported she found numerous golf balls in her backyard, which is enclosed by a wooden fence. One of the golf balls had struck a back window and the outer pane of glass was broken. There was also damage to the metal frame. The total damage estimate was $300.

The officer contacted the juvenile's mother from the night before and she said the damage to the window would be fixed.