Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Property damage, South Boulevard. A Conway man contacted police at the department Monday to report that while visiting Sallie Cone preschool, a teacher approached him and told him that one of her students, age 5, had thrown a rock at his 2004 Volkswagen Bug. Police photographed the area where the rock damaged the vehicle. Damages were estimated at $600.

• Criminal mischief, Tyler Street. A resident in the 3000 block of Tyler Street reported on Saturday that an unknown person or persons had been "messing with her at her house." According to the report, a week ago, the woman discovered drywall nails in her front yard and in her driveway. The woman said that Saturday morning while she was at work, she discovered a line of black spray paint running down the driver’s side of the car and on her back driver’s side wheel. The woman reported that her husband had returned home with the car around 2 a.m. and the paint was not there. At 4 a.m. when she left for work, the woman reported that she "felt something funny," but didn’t think anything of it. The woman reported that neither she nor her husband have any known enemies and she was unaware of who the culprit may be. A report was filed, along with photos of damages, and the woman was instructed to contact police with any additional information. Damage to the vehicle, listed as a black Honda CRV, was estimated at $1,000.

• Aggravated assault, 2nd Avenue. A resident in the 500 block of 2nd Avenue filed a police report Sunday after her boyfriend allegedly attacked her and stole her television. The woman said her boyfriend came to her house and demanded $10, but when she didn’t have the money, he allegedly became angry and began to choke her. The woman said she was able to get away from her boyfriend and was later picked up by a friend. When she returned to her residence, she noticed her television was missing. The estimated value of the 42" Sony flatscreen was $400.

• Terroristic threatening, Dave Ward Drive. An employee of ERA Real Estate reported Monday that a tenant at an apartment complex left a threatening message on her voicemail. According to the report, the woman told police that the tenant threatened to "come down to the (real estate) office," and, referring to the property’s landlord, said, "If that Mexican comes on my property again, I’m gonna put my shotgun in his nose." The landlord reportedly didn’t wish to file the report. The woman told police she didn’t want to press charges, but wanted the incident documented in case of future disturbances.

• Possession of a firearm by certain persons, Harkrider Street. A report was filed by police Monday following the discovery that a felon convicted twice of theft of property had pawned three firearms at River Town Pawn between April 6 through April 15. The woman was arrested in 2010 for stealing multiple firearms from her father and selling them in a pawn shop. She was sentenced to 60 days probation, but was arrested again in March 2012 on the same charge. The firearms are described as a .40 caliber Glock semiautomatic handgun valued at $600, a .357 Smith and Wesson revolver valued at $450 and a .45 Smith and Wesson semiautomatic handgun valued at $600. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

• Theft of property, East Oak Street. A report regarding the theft of $1,850 between Nov. 2012 and Feb. 2013 from McDonalds on Oak Street was filed with the police department Thursday. The report lists a 33-year-old female as a suspect in the case. The store’s administrative director delivered to the department several documents and video surveillance. Store employees and the store’s manager and supervisor are listed as others involved in the incident. An investigation into the theft is ongoing.

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