Conway Fire Chief Bart Castleberry has issued a request that could aid his department if another storm comes through the area.

Castleberry is looking for those who own storm shelters or other devices that would shield people from damaging tornadoes or storms to contact the department at 501-450-6143.

"We are trying to compile a list of those people who have shelters or basements or safe rooms so that if something were to happen that destroyed property, we would know who to check on," Castleberry said. He pointed out that under the worst of circumstances, some areas under ground could be trapped by fallen trees, debris or collapsed houses.

Castleberry said those that call can give their address and other pertinent information so that a list can be made on where to perform checks after a particularly violent storm.

A tornado recently tore through the town of Moore, Okla., levelling houses and a school, trapping some inside. Faulkner County, as well as much of Arkansas, has been hit with tornadoes throughout its history.