Conway has been offered funds for a public transit service and some city council members, at their last meeting, indicated it might be interesting to explore a public transit option for the city.

The city looked at a transit feasability study a few years ago, but the timing prevented the process from going any further.

"It was delivered to us the exact same night we discovered our financial situation," Mayor Tab Townsell said during the discussion May 14.

The city is allocated $867,116 annually for transit, but the money cannot be used for anything else and must be given up if the city does not utilize it.

The previous plan, dated Aug. 25, 2009, outlines a strategic transit plan, possible routes and partnership ideas with local colleges.

Chief of Staff Jack Bell said that the city needs to weigh the needs with the costs even though federal dollars are available.

"It would still be a pretty good investment by the city," he said. "Our economy is doing better, but this is an expensive project."

The city needs to make a decision soon whether or not to take the money and look into transit further or to release it so another jurisdiction in Arkansas can use it for their public transit. If Conway decides not to take the funds and later decides it is interested, there is a possibility some money will still be there.

The former transit feasibility plan is available on the city’s website at

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