Scott Aldridge said Hans Fifer was his best friend.

"He pretty much got me right," Aldridge said. "His family brought me in and we just had a wonderful time with each other."

Fifer died of heart complications in April. He was participating in SWAT team tryouts when he started complaining of chest pains. After he collapsed, he was transported to Springhill Baptist Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead.

He was 32 years old and is survived by his wife Sherah and two daughters Allianna and Kadence.

The Hans Fifer Memorial Log Carry 5K Saturday morning provided law enforcement officer and other friends the opportunity to physically bear their burden after their loss and raise money for Fifer’s wife and two children.

An estimated $10,000 was raised at the combination 5K run/log carry. Some participants — mainly law enforcement and those close to Fifer — carried a 30-foot telephone pole for the three miles. Many also wore rucksacks to add to the difficulty.

"We’re going to carry this no matter how heavy, how hard, how hot, how tired," Aldridge said. "For me I want to be as loaded down as I can because nothing can be as painful as losing a best friend."

The log carried by friends and coworkers was preceded by Fifer’s patrol car and his partner Adam Cox holding an American flag.

Aldridge and Fifer’s brother-in-law, Heath Shearon, organized the event to help remember Fifer and fund the Hans Fifer Memorial Fund for Fifer’s family.

"To me this log is his legacy, it’s his family, it’s whatever you in your heart want it to mean," Aldridge told participants before the event. "But to me, this is about that log and that log to me is Hans."

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