Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Residential burglary, Beautyberry Drive. A resident in the 1700 block of Beautyberry Drive contacted police Tuesday to report his golf clubs and bag were stolen from his residence.

The man told police he was around the house all day, working in the yard and in the garage, according to the report.

The man told police that the stolen clubs and bag were next to the south side wall of his garage, and since he was home all day, he felt it was okay to leave the garage door open, the report states.

After returning from picking up his child from school around 3 p.m., he noticed the clubs and bag were missing.

The police report states the clubs were various makes, including Ping, Calloway and Vector, and valued at $3,000. The bag was listed as a blue and black Calloway, valued at $350, according to the report.

• Theft of property, 1600 Washington Ave. Conway police are investigating the theft of construction equipment from the Hendrix College campus.

The school’s public safety chief informed police that a 2003 Caterpillar backhoe was stolen from the campus over the Memorial Day weekend, according to the police report.

The backhoe, valued at $40,532 in the report, was kept in a locked, gravel lot surrounded by a tall, chain link fence, the police report states.

Officers said tracks were found leading up to the gate. The gate appeared to be unlocked, opened and locked back after the backhoe was taken, the report states.

The school official informed officers that 20 to 30 people possess a key to the gate, and that he would complete a list of employees as soon as possible, according to the police report.

• Breaking or entering vehicle, Pewter Drive. A Conway man reported his wallet stolen from his vehicle outside his residence on Pewter Drive over the Memorial Day weekend.

The man said he and his wife returned home around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, and he witnessed three juvenile males, approximately 12 to 15 years old, walking down the street, according to the police report. The man told police all of the juveniles appeared to have baseball bats or clubs in their hands. The man stated he thought the occurrence was out of the ordinary, but did not report it immediately to police.

Later Tuesday morning, the man said he realized his truck had been gone through, and his wallet and its contents were stolen, the police report states.

The man told police he must have accidentally left the truck unlocked, according to the report. The police report states the man had already cancelled all credit and debit cards in his wallet.

The police report valued the wallet at $90.

The man told police he did not want to file a report, but officers insisted he did, because of other vehicle break-ins reported in the area.

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