If you have been paying much attention to the business climate lately, you may be expecting all bad news today. A wave of business closings has swept over Conway like a blast of hot air in summer. However, I hope to bring a bit of good news to soothe the burn from all the unpleasantness that must be shortly addressed.

Toppers Pizza will open a location at Oak and Harkrider Streets on the southwest side of the intersection, in the building formerly occupied by Quiznos. If you go to the pizza chain’s website, you’ll notice that Conway is listed as "coming soon" and that there are no other Arkansas locations on the map yet. Toppers was founded in 1991 in Illinois and spread mainly north, but they are also in Texas.

In addition to pizza, the restaurant’s menu includes grinders, wings and quesadillas. Wisconsin cheese was also mentioned in there somewhere, so that might be worth checking out. Apparently the business focuses on quick delivery and staying open late. Based on the location being not far from the three colleges in town, I expect this will work well.

More at Main Street

Main Street Bakery, which you already know has A-mazing cupcakes and other sweets, has branched out a little, I’m told. You can now go by there and pick up a salad and foccacia bread for lunch, and have an ice cream cone for dessert. It’s the perfect plan for folks who want to be a little healthy and then indulge a bit. Even better for folks who like to do that and then buy cupcakes to indulge again later. Not that any of my friends would do that.

Laundry list of business closings

You likely know some of the businesses that have closed or soon will close, so I will make this brief. Especially since it could change again by the time you read this.

• Something Brewing has closed, to the dismay of some loyal customers who have been asking me about it.

• Starstruck Video is going out of business after many years in the movie rental business.

• Amazing Foods, which made a good run in the building at Mill and Markham Streets, has closed.

I’m sure there are more, but that ends the discussion for today, because I don’t want to talk about things closing any more than I have to.

Some big things are happening soon, and I’m just waiting for folks in the know to tell me what they are. So stay tuned.

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