Conway police found a six-year-old boy home alone after responding to a 911 call, placed by the boy, at a residence in the 1600 block of Middle Road.

According to the police report, the child called 911 to say he was home alone and "some kids were ringing the door bell trying to get him into trouble."

The boy told officers his parents were currently at work, and believed they worked somewhere in Little Rock.

When asked if he had been left alone before, the boy responded "sometimes when he is sick and throwing up, his parents have to leave him home alone when they go to work," the police report states.

The Department of Human Services was notified by officers, and the child was taken to a foster home until a hearing could be scheduled, police said.

Shortly after officers contacted DHS, a man who lives with the boy and the boy's mother, said the child was left at home by his mother because school was out, and the mother had to go to work.

"(The man) stated (the mother) called him on the way to work telling him that (the child) was at home," an officer wrote in the police report. "(The man) stated that he came home as soon as he could get away from work."

While speaking with a DHS worker, the man admitted the child had been left home alone before, but said  he was a "very good kid" and "mature for his age."

The man told authorities he had lived with the boy and his mother for six years, but was not identified as the father.

No arrests were mentioned in the police report.