A Conway man was arrested for several charges, including possession of a controlled substance, fleeing and resisting arrest after police say he ran from officers at the scene of a traffic stop Monday evening on Interstate 40.

Officers initiated the traffic stop at mile marker 124 in the westbound lanes for a defective brake light, and made contact with the two occupants of the vehicle.

Police noted the passenger of the vehicle seemed nervous upon contact with the responding officer. Officers obtained information of the occupants, and learned the driver had an expired driver's license. Information on the passenger's alleged name also returned as a known alias of a local violator with warrants, police said.

Shortly after learning the information, police observed one of the vehicle doors open, and discovered the passenger exited the vehicle, and began to flee.

Police pursued the suspect across the median into the eastbound lanes, then back into the westbound lanes and into a wooded area near the interstate. Upon making contact with the suspect, police said he stated "leave me alone" and entered a fighting stance. An officer then used pepper spray to slow the suspect, however, he continued to flee, police said. 

The suspect later attempted to use a limb as a weapon and swung it at an officer. 

The suspect ended up on his hands and knees, at one point, still attempting to hit the responding officer with a nearby limb. After the pepper spray proved to be ineffective and the suspect continued to flee and actively resist arrest, the officer decided to use "immediate action" to end the struggle, the police report states.

"Due to my positioning relative to (the suspect), the only feasible area for me to strike was his head," the officer stated in the incident report. "I struck (the suspect) on the left side of his face with my fist, repeatedly ordering him to stop resisting and give me his hands."

Police said the suspect continued to resist, and the officer was able to reposition and struck the suspect multiple times in his torso and arm, at which point he surrendered.

MEMS was dispatched to the scene while the officer walked the suspect, now in handcuffs, back to the vehicle.

The suspect admitted to swallowing powder cocaine while fleeing from police. Officers also found 10 yellow pills, suspected to contain marijuana, a glass smoking device, a metal rod, two bags with white residue, a canister and a cigarette pack containing suspected cocaine.

The driver of the vehicle was issued a citation for driving with an expired license and issued a warning for his brake light before being released.