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Opens Friday, July 18

When a defect in his engine keeps Dusty Crophopper from fulfilling his dream career as a racing plane, he learns a new dangerous trade. While few will ever regard Planes: Fire & Rescue as a Disney  classic, it makes the most of its breezy runtime.

Aimed squarely at kids, with a  few throwback jokes sprinkled in for the parents, the film sets up real stakes  for its characters. These rescue planes and trucks feel pain and risk their lives  to save others. The bulletin board in the hangar shows the aircraft that have actually died while stamping out  forest  fires. This adds some tension to the  action sequences. 

Blaze, we got a situation. The wind shifted. The fire jumped  the line.

Can you make it to your safety zone?

No. No good. Our escape route is blocked.

Those action scenes balance well with the humor. The filmmakers give us a straight-­forward story that keeps the dumb jokes and side stories to a  minimum. This helps the pacing, but I could sense that many of the younger  kids in the audience got a bit restless during some of the scenes in between the  big action sequences.

Hey sugarrims. Did you just fall out of a B-­17? Because you’re the bomb.

Uh...Pickup trucks. 

While it’s not great by any stretch, clocking in at 83 minutes Planes:Fire & Rescue, makes for a tolerable trip to the movies  for parents and packs in a few thrills and silly jokes for the kiddies.

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