Hope In Resurrection

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

Dark gloom encircled that empty tomb,

When, Mary, despondent, with weeping eye,

Turned away, bereft of hope,

Seeing only a gardener nearby.

But, she left that tomb rejoicing,

Renewed in a hope held high,

When she knew ‘twas not a gardener

But, the Master standing nigh.

And the disciples told that "stranger"

Whom they supposed new to Galilee,

About their lost hope in the man

Who had just died at Calvary.

With sad and doubting faces,

They told how hope had been undone,

For the Promised King was gone,

Who had claimed to be God’s Son.

But, when they saw with "seeing eyes,"

Smote in the heart were they,

For they knew ‘twas not a stranger

They’d entertained that day.

And when the disciples were gathered,

Fearful and lonely in that room,

Jesus came and stood among them

As proof of the empty tomb.

He upbraided their fear and disbelief,

For faith wanting to be found,

For by the power of the Resurrection,

Death could not keep Him in the ground.

When they saw His nail-scarred Hands

And felt His spear-torn Side,

They understood Resurrection’s Hope,

For to "raise us up," He died.