Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce that is usually presented as a garlicky mayonnaise. I used a thick Greek yogurt as the base for this one.

If you’re using limes that you juice yourself, add the zest to the sauce for even more flavor! If you’re using store bought lime juice like I did this time, please consider splurging on the glass jar of lime juice in the organic section that lists organic lime juice as the only ingredient.

Time: 5 minutes, but better after an hour


1 small clove garlic, smashed to paste2 scallions, chopped (Kellogg Valley Farms)2 tablespoons lime juice½ cup thick Greek yogurt – like Fage 0%


1) Combine garlic, scallions, and lime juice; let marry for 5 minutes.

2) Add yogurt and stir to combine. Add more lime juice and/or water (checking for taste) to thin yogurt further.

Enjoy with Arkansas Tacos.