Spring is upon us and whatever the weather, we’re in this together!

This season traditionally is a time for new beginnings, and WINC. Magazine is budding with new focuses and new audiences. The magazine’s brand has been known and loved in the Faulkner County community for nearly 15 years and has beautifully complemented the Log Cabin Democrat.

As we embark on a new spring in a new year, the look and feel of WINC. is changing to accommodate the ever-growing and changing landscape of Central Arkansas and the people here.

With the newspaper’s new ownership under GateHouse Media, our community message is much larger, expanding into Van Buren County, Heber Springs and North Little Rock. WINC. now will be seen each month door-to-door in those communities.

As group publisher, my goal is to highlight what makes our region great — its people. Longtime local journalist Melissa Gates will serve as the resident storyteller of our community through her dynamic cover features. Our veterans and first responders will be honored every issue. Instead of highlighting the beauty of a private home, Andrea Champlin, WINC.’s Majestic Mama, will walk you through a DIY project anyone can try. Former teacher and expert in local history, Cindy Beckman, will showcase the then and now of our area history.

I am thrilled to introduce the monthly “Nana’s Kitchen” feature. My “Mammaw-Tine” was known in her small Southeast Arkansas community for her specialty dishes, having been part of the local Extension Office programming for more than 70 years at the time of her death. But more personally, her kitchen was the meeting place, the place where all of us in the family at one time or another spilled our happiest moments over morning muffins. It’s the place we convened on Sunday’s after church for good, Southern lunches that prepared all the men for napping. After her passing, I realized, like my siblings and cousins, that no one knew the magical recipe for her butter cake muffins. It was all done from scratch and by memory over generations.

WINC. will begin bringing you those stories and those kitchens and simple dishes no one wants to forget. We all have a “Nana” or a church friend or a neighbor who fits this profile. And this “Nana” will look different to each of us. Maybe she’s young and hip and doesn’t cook, but she always makes sure her grandkiddos have the comforts of her home. Maybe it’s a grandad who takes on the role. WINC. will bring you that nostalgia and something really good to try in your kitchen!

In 2018, WINC. magazine is about bringing our community and surrounding communities together, diverse and different, all ages and a new perspective to help you grow and help our community thrive.

Thanks for reading,