Mosaique Bistro, located in Donaghey Hall at the University of Central Arkansas, closed its doors Tuesday after less than a year at the location.

"While we have amazing crew and a beautiful vision, we are unable to continue to keep our doors open," the restaurant posted to its Facebook page Nov. 29.

The post originally stated that Mosaique would be open through Dec. 9, but employees confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Tuesday’s lunch shift was the restaurant’s last.

Owner Alex Tyler said he and his business partner, Johnny Ho, love Conway and will miss serving the community at the UCA location.

"Currently we have no plans for another restaurant," Tyler said in a text message. "We, like many other restaurants, have struggled. After reviewing our metrics we decided it would be in our best interest to close now rather than later. We sincerely regret not being able to further serve our beloved Conway community."

Manager Haley Shelton said although the restaurant was never fully developed as a concept and experienced multiple idea changes and menu modifications, she had thought Mosaique and its brand was finally starting to come together.

"Unfortunately, our time was cut a little short, and there you are," she said.

Shelton said she the restaurant was full of team-oriented leaders and dealt with little to no drama while working there, which she said is rare in that type of atmosphere.

She said many relationships were developed among employees that she thinks everyone will stay in touch.

Steven Tallent, lead server, agreed and added that the group had even agreed to keep their GroupMe application open so everyone could stay in touch and keep the conversation going.

Shelton said everyone who worked there experienced a type of transitional season.

"I think really it was kind of meant to push us forward a bit," she said.

Shelton said they are "very sad" to leave.

Several users took to Facebook to express their feelings regarding the close as well.

"I’m sorry you all," user Jennifer Davison wrote.

Tiffny Stewart wrote how said they were and how much they loved the restaurant.

"We love you guys! I am SO sad. Thank you for some great food and fantastic atmosphere," Stewart continued.

UCA owns Donaghey Hall and serves as landlords for the building.

Associate Vice President of Communications Christina Madsen said: "We are sad to see Mosaique close and will be evaluating the next steps for the available space" in Donaghey Hall.