From Conway Police Department reports

What a mess

It was midnight, dead on midnight (listed as "0:00" in the report) when an officer was called out to Buffalo Wild Wings on S. Amity Road. A disturbance, the officer was told, was in progress. It was Monday, Dec. 11.

Enroute, dispatch updated the officer with a call from the restaurant. A woman had left there after arguing with staff, taking her beer glass, beer within, with her. She "flipped off" the employee then got in her car, a green van, reaching out the window and smashing the beer glass on the ground as she prepared to drive off. She was last seen, as they say, travelling south on S. Amity.

As the officer drew closer to the restaurant, driving north on Amity, he saw a van closing on him moving south, which matched the description. The van was taking up both lanes. As they drew close the van got into its own lane and stopped, as did the officer when he was abreast it. A woman leaned out the van window and apologized. She had bloodshot and watery eyes and appeared to be drunk. The officer told her to pull into a nearby parking lot, and the woman agreed to do so, pulling in as the officer turned around.

As the officer drew toward the parked van, however, the van started moving out of its parking place. Blue lights and sirens went on, but that didn’t slow the van down, which was moving toward an exit. The van driver pulled out onto the road, against oncoming traffic, and moved toward a nearby intersection. The officer radioed in that the driver was fleeing.

The van turned back south on Amity, ran a stop sign - almost hitting a arriving second police car - and kept moving. It was on.

On Amity the van got up to 50 mph, the officer reported, hitting a roundabout then getting up to about 70 on 6th Street, then turning onto 9th and reaching the same speed. A turn onto Exchange and the van got up to 80 mph, taking up two lanes while doing so. It was around here the reporting officer lost sight of the van, just as it swerved around a semi-truck at Exchange and Dave Ward.

A radio report came in that officer found the van parked at a gas station near where it was last spotted, at Exchange and Dave Ward. The woman was seen moving south from there, and three officers converged and the 42 year old woman was arrested. (Those officers filed a supplement report, which was not listed with this report.)

The woman refused a breath test at the station, and arrangements were made to get a search warrant as would permit drawing her blood, the report concluded.

Swerve and protect

A call came in from a motorist that Sunday morning, Dec. 10, at 2:50 a.m. He was following a car down Harkrider and its driver was not doing a good job of staying in his lane. The officer got the radio call and pulled up on the pair. As she did so the trailing car, which had made the call to police, pulled back to let the officer get in behind the swerve-mobile.

And yes, poor job of staying in the lane was observed, and the license plate number was the same one given by the trailing driver. Seen and confirmed. Blue lights it was then, and the car was pulled over near Old Morrilton Highway and Harkrider.

It took the car awhile to stop, finally doing so in the center turn lane on Old Morrilton Highway. As the officer got out to speak with the driver, the car began moving again, then pulled back onto the road, then through a gas station toward the exit for Skyline. A car, not the same one which had called in the report, however, stopped to block the exit, keeping the car from getting out of the station.

The officer, again, re-engaged. As she did so the car, again, tried to pull away, but she tapped on its window with his flashlight and told the woman at the wheel to shut the car off and get out. A second officer walked to the passenger side of the car and shouted for the woman to put the car in park. She did so.

As she got out, the officer reported, she was a bit of a mess. Her eyes were bloodshot and watery, and it looked like she had been crying. Her clothes were disheveled "and her brad only partially on," the officer reported. The driver was confused, had oversized pupils and the car had the smell of marijuana. The officer also spotted various bottles of alcohol in the back of the car, a 2013 Nissan Altima.

When asked, the woman told the officer she had not been drinking. She didn’t know why she didn’t stop, was the answer to that other question. Nor, she replied, did she have marijuana. She had taken some Adderall which had been given to her, the driver said.

One officer gave the woman the usual field sobriety tests as the reporting officer searched the car. Inside the car were various bottles for alcohol, as well as pill bottles for various treatments, one of which was a Schedule II narcotic, and was the only one without the 20 year old woman’s name on it. The pills in that bottle, capsules, had been opened and the medicine was loose in the bottle.

Also, the 20 year old thing and the alcohol thing. Plus the testing officer said the woman showed signs of being under the influence ("of being impaired" in report speak). Cuffed and stuffed, the officer noting that all-too-infamous "odor of intoxicants" as she loaded the young lady into her patrol car. The Altima was towed.

At the station the woman refused a breath test. Arrangements (in the form of a search warrant) were made and blood was drawn at the hospital. Then she was taken to jail.