Springhill Elementary School was recently awarded the $1000 Make Every Day Count grant for its Ninja Warrior Growth Mindset Challenge.

The project will help track absences while developing and implementing plans for keeping children in the classroom.

Because of the grant funding, Springhill will be able to build a Ninja Warrior obstacle course for students who work together and have 15 perfect attendance days with their entire class.

"Classes will keep track of and record the days that they do not have any students missing from school," the school’s website stated. "School-wide announcements will be made weekly to update the student population on how many each class has earned."

Once a class gets to 15 days, the group will be eligible to participate in the new Ninja Warrior course in May, earning more time on the course for more days present.

"Additionally, resource information will be purchased to communicate how absences affect the students’[s] learning," the website reads. "Attendance celebrations and data will be shared with the school community in many ways including the school wide news and emails. Other engaging instructional and enrichment materials such as musical instruments will also be made possible through the grant."

The Make Every Day Count grant is made possible in part by a grant from the Arkansas Community Foundation, an affiliate of Arkansas Community Foundation.