A Conway teen behind bars in the county jail for allegedly shooting at a residence on Fairway Drive in January is asking a circuit judge to consider lowering his bond.

Kevin Demond Ridgell Jr., 18, was charged with two felonies – conveyance of a terroristic act and first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor – along with two other misdemeanor charges – contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile and fleeing – following a Jan. 18 shooting.

Five others, including two juveniles, were also charged in connection to the shooting, according to court documents. Both juveniles, Lance Gilbert Jr. and William McDonald, were charged as adults in Faulkner County Circuit Court with two counts of theft by receiving and one count of conveyance of a terroristic act. McDonald is faced with two additional misdemeanor counts of second-degree endangering the welfare of a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Danielle Elizabeth Slisz, 18; Gabriel Allen Lusk, 19; and Jasmyne Daniella Cherry, 20; each were charged with one count of conveyance of a terroristic act, first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor, two counts of theft by receiving and one misdemeanor count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A special judge in district court imposed the highest bond of those accused in the case against Ridgell, who according to police reports, admitted to being the only one to fire rounds at the Conway home during the drive-by shooting.

According to the probable cause affidavit, one of the residents had stepped outside when the suspects began shooting at him. After the shooting, the man grabbed his stepdaughter and fled the area.

As officers pulled over the suspect vehicle near the Rock Creek Apartments entrance on the day in question, Ridgell reportedly jumped out of the vehicle and took off running, according to reports. The next day, Ridgell agreed to turn himself over to the U.S. Marshal’s Service regarding his involvement in the drive-by shooting.

After he was arrested, the 18-year-old told Conway Police Department Detective Taylor Sullivan and U.S. Marshal’s Service Task Force Officer Jess Burroughs he was the one who fired shots at the residence on Fairway Drive.

Ridgell said he walked over to Lusk’s house after he got off work on the day in question. Eventually, Gilbert and McDonald showed up and the group left with Slisz to go looking for members of “Bomb Squad,” he said.

While on Ash Street, the group found a member of Bomb Squad and they all pointed guns at each other. However, the 18-year-old said no one wanted to fire the first round. From there, the took Lusk back home so he could check on his mom and then drove to the residence on Fairway Drive to shoot at Quandre Macon’s house.

“Kevin said everybody seemed to be for that suggestion so he thought it was a mutual decision,” Sullivan’s report reads in part.

When they got to the residence in question, Ridgell said he “rolled down the window and started firing his gun over the top of the vehicle. He said he was the only person who fired a gun,” the report states.

“Kevin told me he had a .380 and a .22 pistol when he fled from officers on the traffic stop,” Sullivan’s report reads in part. “I showed Kevin a map of where he ran from and he told me he threw the .22 in the field behind Kroger.”

The 18-year-old also admitted to hiding in a dumpster until another friend could pick him up. According to the report, authorities found the .22 caliber pistol in the field and also found a magazine that went to a .380 pistol in the dumpster.

Since admitting to his involvement to the case, Ridgell is asking Circuit Judge Charles “Ed” Clawson to consider lowering his bond.

Defense attorney Tabatha S. Branch filed a motion on Ridgell’s behalf on Wednesday, asking for a hearing to consider lowering the $75,000 bond imposed against her client.

Ridgell is currently scheduled to appear next on June 17 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a pretrial hearing.

Staff writer Marisa Hicks can be reached at mhicks@the


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