Somebody Needs Jesus Today

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

Somebody is out there,

One the dark hills astray,

Somebody needs someone

To point unto them the way.

Somebody needs to be lifted,

Above life’s fray,

Somebody is hurting,

Somebody needs Jesus today.

Somebody needs someone

O’re their souls to pray,

Who’ll reach to help them,

As they travel life’s way.

Somebody is lonely,

In need of Jesus, the Friend,

Who’ll walk with them

Unto journey’s end.

Somebody is waiting,

For you to show them the way,

Don’t betray their trust,

Because somebody needs Jesus today.


By Maxine Spryes Hixon

Birdbrain? – Hmm – birdbrain?

… Birdbrain – is that so…? 

If it’s birdbrain – give us more!

Through neglect, human beings cause much woe!

Birds work diligently making a nest;

With what to work with – building is slow.

Laying their eggs, doing their best;

Taking advantages of what they know.

Birdbrain – you dare to say!

When little birds take care and stay;

Caring for – feeding little ones,

… Many times a day…!

Rain or shine, come what may,

No welfare, food stamps, housing projects,

…Nothing that way…!

‘Tis their responsibility – they’re the ones to pay!