75 years ago  


J.E. Rollins, hitherto respected citizen of Walker Township, seriously impaired his reputation for his truth with a fish story he was telling on the streets of Conway today. He told it was a "believe it or not" but a good many of those who heard it seemed to be on the "not" side. Anyway, here is his yarn. Curtis Wilson of Springfield was swimming in Cadron Creek north of Bono when he bumped into a big buffalo fish. His hands were busy keeping himself afloat, so he opened his mouth, bit down on the fish’s tail and swam ashore with it. The fish weighed 15 pounds and was served as supper to a large number of friends. 


50 years ago 


Dr. and Mrs. Berman Maxey and children Cathy and Marsha returned from a vacation trip to Gulfport and Biloxi, Miss. 

Sale of Hinton’s millinery store at 805 Parkway by Mrs. Edward W. Bauer to Mrs. Ellis Lasley was announced. Hinton’s was the oldest business establishment in Conway that operated under the management of its founder. The store had been in operation at Conway for more than 50 years. Mrs. Lasley had experience in the retail trade. Her husband was partner in the former L.T. Lasley & Sons general mercantile store and later was sole owner. Mrs. Lasley worked with the store a number of years. 


25 years ago


M.A. Griffen enjoyed a dance with Glenda Alexander, activity director of the Faulkner County Senior Citizen’s Center, during an 89th birthday party the center held for him. Griffen resided at Faulkner Nursing Center and had been active in senior citizens center activities and other programs. When the Faulkner County Council on Aging Inc. was formed in 1974, Griffen was one of the original older people to participate in its projects. He also donated the first $20 to a building fund that was begun in 1983 for the new addition to the senior citizen’s center. 


10 years ago 


Keith’s Texaco of Vilonia won the Major Pony League championship in the Arkansas Amateur Baseball Association for the second year in a row. The team finished 21-0. Team members were Grant Cullum, bat boy; Justin Cruz, Grant Morshedi, Aaron Brooks, Terry Shannon, John Cartwright, Tracy Gray, Kerry Shannon, Josh Kelley, Cory Stocks, Sam Bartlett and Scott Sanders. Coaches were Dicky Shannon and Jerry Shannon.

A quarter of a million dollars was donated to the University of Central Arkansas. The money would be part of a $1.2 million endowment the university needed to get a new performance hall. Under the terms of the $5.6 million grant being used to build the Donald W. Reynolds Performance Hall, UCA had to put up the endowment to maintain the facility. UCA President Dr. Windred L. Thomson said donations now were somewhere between $300,000 and $400,000. The identity of the $250,000 donor was not released.