Kayla Chavez, of Conway had never had a hair cut more than a trim in her entire life of 5 years. She wanted to have her hair cut before she started kindergarten, so she could share her hair with little girls who had suffered with cancer. Gramma, Tammy Anderson, also of Conway, on the right, and aunt Jessica, Jessica Hinz, of Shannon Hills, on the left, were asked by Kayla to join her. All three spent the better part of a year growing out their hair and spent two hours having it cut off Aug. 1. Krystal Wilson, at Wild Hair in Conway, was patient as they all shared their story with her. Tears, hugs and smiles were shared, along with a lot of hair. Kayla had 12 inches cut, aunt Jessica had 121⁄2 inches, and Gramma had 13 inches cut off. For a grand total of 371⁄2 inches. Donations were shipped to Locks of Love on Aug. 3. Gramma and Aunt Jessica would just like to say "Thank you" to Kayla for allowing them to be a part of her journey. SUBMITTED PHOTO