Goodbye to Paul

By Verle Acre

The door is softly closing

On the life he’s lived at home

The outside world is calling

Me last, my darling son.

I’ve known that he would leave us

To travel all along,

But it seems too soon, he’s leaving…

Our last, our darling son.

He sees tomorrow beckon,

We’ve known that all along,

The many things he’s planned to do,

I pray he won’t go wrong.

Yes, he’s leaving, this last child

Of mine,

He’s gone, he’s closed the door,

It seems to hurt much more this time,

Though I’ve felt that pain before.

“My Country, America”

By CSM James L. Wofford

The death of America is now coming all too fast,

Greed, corruption and evil has raised its head at last,

The American people have started worshiping manmade idols once again,

Credit, debit and credit scores, where will it all end?

Twenty million illegal immigrants get free care at the emergency room,

Yet, our parents, grandma and grandpa live in constant medical doom.

We’ve been sold out by this Congress, Senate and President,

Someday soon our kids will look back and ask where our beloved America went.