Kim Williams, director of the Conway Downtown Partnership, is now wearing another hat. 

Williams was recently selected as the chairperson of the Keep Faulkner County Beautiful Committee. She will replace Charlotte Nabholz who organized Keep Faulkner County Beautiful and served as chairperson for 10 years.

Williams said she was excited to be named as the new chairperson.

"Ms. Charlotte has done so much," Williams said. 

Nabholz has good things to say about her successor.

"I think Kim will be great. She has been on board for several years. I thought she would be a great one to take over," Nabholz said. "She is young and connected."

Nabholz said Williams is capable and computer savvy. 

"She can bring so much to Keep Faulkner County Beautiful," Nabholz said.

Williams said Keep Faulkner County Beautiful has been recognized nationally by Keep America Beautiful. 

As she enters her new position, Williams said she has big shoes to fill. During her tenure with Keep Faulkner County Beautiful, Williams said that Nabholz helped clean up the area and educated people on litter control. Having a clean community can make or break a town, Williams said, noting that a cleaner Conway has attracted businesses to the community.

After stepping down as chairperson, Nabholz will remain in an ex-officio capacity during the transition period. 

"I intend to still be involved," Nabholz said. "I plan to do special projects and not as much administrative work."

Williams said it doesn’t take a lot to pick up trash. She said people can pick up their area. 

"They can designate to take care of my area in my neighborhood," she said, noting that when trash is dropped someone has to pick it up. "People think of drudgery, but really can do it at any time."

Keep Faulkner County Beautiful will kick off its Fall Clean Up on Sept. 26. The Great American Clean Up runs from Labor Day to November. Williams said although the kick off is only one day, there is no certain day that you have to clean up. 

"It is just a certain day to highlight this is what we are doing," Williams said. 

Williams said as director of the Downtown Partnership, there are some overlaps in her duties. 

"It is two hats coming together as one," Williams said. 

Williams has access to grants and programs that have been used downtown and can possibly be used for the rest of the county.

There are also plans to expand the outreach of Keep Faulkner County Beautiful. Williams plans to use social media to encourage younger participants. 

"Get a younger set of folks to take the lead and teach kids it is a problem that is easily remedied. It is everybody’s responsibility," Williams said. 

Prior to her rise as chairperson, Williams was on the organization’s board of directors for five years. Keep Faulkner County Beautiful is recognized by Keep Arkansas Beautiful and Keep America Beautiful. Since Keep Faulkner County Beautiful became certified through Keep America Beautiful, the organization has initiated and implemented many litter prevention, beautification, recycling, waste management and educational programs. The organization has raised more than $1 million in in-kind donations and money for projects.