My niece, Tressa Tiner, of North Little Rock, turns 14 today.  Happy birthday, Sweet Pea!

My husband and I lost our beautiful puppy on Monday.  She was 16. Zorro lived a long and happy life and for that, I’m grateful to God.  She developed typical problems associated with aging and was ready to go.  We created a very beautiful, peaceful resting place that is easily accessible to us.  This helps us to cope with our loss.  I’m dedicating this week’s article to the memory of our sweet, precious puppy.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Zorro, I’d like to tell you a little bit about her.  She was born on Jan. 10, 1993, under a chicken coop in Marche (Pulaski County).  She was the runt of a litter of seven, of which six survived.  Her mother was Sam, a rescued stray.

Zorro loved bread, going for walks through the woods and across the fields with us, and she loved to be petted. She had a lively spirit that still shone through during her later years, even after arthritis set in, her hearing and eyesight started to fail, and signs of dementia started showing.  She never lost her will to live until the very end.

One of Zorro’s favorite pastimes was to play what I called "the bread game" with me.  I would take a piece of bread, break off bite-size pieces, and spread them all through the house so that she could go find them and eat her reward.  She absolutely loved that!

It should come as no surprise that she hated baths!  She also didn’t really like being brushed though she tolerated it.  In her younger years she enjoyed chasing squirrels, mice, rabbits and birds.  She loved lounging outside in a big pile of leaves during the fall and winter months.  This was like a big, cushy bed for her.

Through the years, I took many photos of her and I plan to put all of them, plus the other things I’ve collected, into a scrapbook just for Zorro.  She will always be a part of our lives, even if only in our memories.  We love you, Zorro, and miss you every day!  Goodnight, sweetheart.


Shady Grove



Summer is technically over with the start of school this past week.  Of course, we will still have summer weather for awhile.  We can’t complain though, as we have not had a temp of 100 or over, which is unheard of in Arkansas.

Bud and Carolyn Gean took a three-day trip to St. Louis last weekend. They attended a St. Louis Cardinal and San Diego Padres baseball game and did a lot of sight seeing.

Big news from Ed and Linda Hammontree. Mitch Reynolds, their oldest grandson, is officially engaged to Haley Edwards. Mitch got down on his knee and proposed in the laundry room of his home. Well, that is one for the books. How many people can say they were proposed to in front of the washer and dryer? Mitch is certainly a romantic. He must take after his dad. He could have taken his cue from Uncle Shawn, who proposed to Tonya on top of the tower at Six Flags Over Texas.

Bill and I went to Pine Bluff on Tuesday to visit with my brother at Jefferson Regional Medical Center. He had a total knee replacement on Monday.

Ed Hammontree, Lori and Mitch Reynolds, and Haley Edwards all went to Tennessee last weekend to attend the ATV races that were held at Dolly World. Haley’s brothers were participants.