Three years ago, Shirley Barham and her husband Dan Barham, Jr., began the Conway Creative Writers. 

On Aug. 2, the group celebrated with a potluck supper held at the home of the Barham’s.

Members and guest attending were Nancy and Dan Allen, Peggy and Les Combs, John Doss, Maxine Dykes, Betty and Jeff Forrester, Joyce and Ed Holder, Marcia and John Lamber, Jean and Rod Mize,Virgie Tsudea, Mary Lee and Carroll Williams, Betty and Neal Wood. The Conway Creative Writers have been asked to participate in this years Artsfest.

"Our group is amazing and unique – really something you have to visit and experience," are the words of praise from Shirley Barham, co-founder. 

She invites those who are interested to visit the CCW. Meetings are held every Friday at 9 a.m.and 2 p.m in the Senior Citizens Center at 1620 Donaghey in Conway or call 513-9316.