By: Verle Acre


There’s an age old question

That runs through my mind

The answer I’m seeking

Is so hard to find

What happens to you

When love slips away

Does it ever return

On some distant day?

I’m needing an answer

My heart’s filled with pain

Is it gone for good

And won’t come again?



Now’s the Best Time to Kneel

By: Pamela Hixon Rhea


When the road you’re traveling,

Seems to be all uphill,

That’s the time to talk to Jesus,

That’s the best time to kneel.


When troubles surround you,

Say to your soul, "Be still,"

As we wait upon God to answer,

For that’s the best time to kneel.


No problem is too big for God,

No problem is too small,

Bring your burdens unto Jesus,

Who’ll hear our every call.


So when we face life’s giants,

And so inadequate we do feel,

That’s when God’s power is greatest,

And that’s the best time to kneel.


Ask Jesus to be your Savior,

God’s Love is so very real,

Today is the day of Salvation,

And now is the best time to kneel.