special to the log cabin

75 years ago 


Closing exercises of the three public playgrounds were held this week at the high school playground. Each group gave interesting programs. Songs, stunts and reading were the main features of the entertainment. Those taking part at one playground were Edwin Avery, Betsy Kinder, Sonny Rowlett, Martha Jo Lewellyn, Robbie Lewellyn and Carrie Lou Kinder. Two little girls, Ruby Nell Phillips and Wilma Ruth Rorie, who had been taking French under Miss Charlsie Sutterfield, sang several songs in French and told a story in French. There was a nice display of sewing, crochet, embroidery, quilts and art materials, which the children had made on the playgrounds. The program presented by the children included a play and some songs. Taking part in these were Mary Conley, Gloria Holloway, Lee Ora Roland and Nevessa Cowan. A picnic concluded the closing exercises.


50 years ago 


Coach Kenneth Stephens was switching around a few players on the Wampus Cat football lineup. He moved Frank Gibson from center to left tackle, Jack Roberts from right guard to center, Joe Young from left guard to left end, Wendell Carter from right end to right guard, Sonny Smith from right tackle to left guard, Gary Standefer from left tackle to right tackle and Harold Eidson from left to right end. The backfield remained the same. Jim Sanders, Ronnie Duke and Danny Stell were still fighting for the quarterback berth, Wilbur Owen and Jim Turner were the halfbacks and Johnny Simmons was running at fullback. Mrs. J. S. Rogers and Mrs. H.L. Minton represented the First Baptist Church at the Baptist WMU Conference in Glorieta, N.M.


25 years ago


The Women’s Christian Tempera Union endorsed legislation that would ban advertising of alcoholic beverages on television and radio. The 200,000-member group endorsed legislation that would ban free alcoholic beverages on airplanes and make alcoholic advertising expenses non-deductible in computing net income for tax purposes. "Since alcoholism is America’s No. 1 problem contributing to more than 100,000 deaths and tremendous economic costs each year, we urge the President of the United States and members of Congress to ban all advertising of alcoholic beverages on radio and TV." The group also took stands against gambling and lotteries.


10 years ago 


University of Central Arkansas president Winfred Thompson shared new proposals with faculty and staff members. A proposed Graduate School of Administration, Leadership and Management, possibly modeled after the Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University was suggested. The proposed school might offer graduate courses in accounting and information technology, a master’s degree in management and possibly an international MBS. The school’s faculty would consist of instructors hired under non-tenure 12 month rolling contracts. Other instructors would be part-time faculty necessary for the courses. Another proposal was a proposed fine and performing arts fee. It would be similar to the athletic fee students were already being charged. Thompson said the administration planned to proceed with a new on-campus retirement center as soon as possible to take advantage of favorable bond conditions.