Eureka Springs police said Wednesday that the Hilltop Volunteer Fire Department’s chief is also suspected of bigamy. 

Donald Lee Wilkins, 45, of 4 Nicole Lane, Jacksonville was arrested Monday on felony forgery and credit card fraud warrants. Detective Morris Pate of the Eureka Springs Police Department said Wednesday that the agency had earlier this year investigated claims that Wilkins had been married to two women simultaneously and that a misdemeanor bigamy warrant out of a Carroll County court had also been issued at the time of his arrest. 

According to an incident report released Wednesday by Eureka Springs PD, Wilkins was married in March to a 34-year-old Conway woman at Eureka Springs. Pate said he was contacted in May by this woman, who said she was suspicious of a divorce decree Wilkins told her had been signed by Faulkner County Circuit Judge David Clark to nullify his 1991 marriage to another woman. 

The report goes on to state that Pate called Clark’s office in June and was told that no such decree had been signed by any judge. The report also states that personnel in Clark’s office had reviewed Wilkins’ divorce decree and that the signature in question, as well as a circuit clerk’s stamp on the divorce decree, seemed to be forged. 

Court documents claim that Wilkins had been estranged from the woman he married in 1991 since 2007, but, as of Wednesday, the divorce was still pending. 

Wilkins was being held in lieu of a $5,000 bond Wednesday afternoon for the felony forgery and credit card fraud charges. 

His arrest on Monday came after he responded to the scene of a suspected ATV "chop shop" in northwest Pulaski County. 

Wilkins attorney, Paul Murray, declined on Wednesday to comment on behalf of his client other than to stress that Wilkins is in no way connected to the "chop shop" or an alleged methamphetamine lab found as a result of that investigation, and the he was only on the property containing the alleged "chop shop" to do his duty as a volunteer fireman by assisting law enforcement. 

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