St. Joseph School Class of 2010 unveiled their class banner at the first all-school Mass of the new school year at St. Joseph Church on  Aug. 19.

According to Stephanie Shachmut, senior religion teacher, "Since 2002 each senior class has designed and made a banner to symbolically represent the visible sign of the spirit of their class and as a source of pride. It is now an established tradition at St. Joseph’s to reflect the character and ideals of each class."

The students chose the quote, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow" as the theme of their banner.

The seniors designed the artwork for the banner and painted a graphic representation of the class and the quote on fabric to serve as the banner.

According to the students, the wings and sword at the top of the banner represent the power of the Holy Spirit as their guide. 

The gates indicate the gates of heaven opening for all of us, the mountains represent the lush gardens of heaven and the waves show all of our troubles and strife being pushed aside by the Holy Spirit so everyone can reach his or her goal.

The names of each of class members are written on the bottom of the banner.

The banner will be displayed at each weekly school Mass during the school year. 

At the end of the school year, the banner will be framed and will hang in the St. Joseph Parish Hall Dining Room cafeteria along with those from previous classes.