A Hall of Fame
 for Mothers

By: CLM James L.
Wofford (Ret.)


She was 38 years old when illness took her loving spouse,

with her two boys to raise and a mortgage on their house.

her heart was broken at an early age.

she asked, “Why me Lord,” as she turned the page.

She lay in bed at night in her sad despair,

knowing as she touched his place, he would not be there.

Her grandmother had taught her how to handle distress in her life,

so she went to work, and with God’s  grace,

eased the sadness and strife.

Her family has gotten larger now, 

with grandkids of her own.

They like to go to Grandma’s house, 

Because they know it’s home.

When they walk into Grandma’s house,

it is like no others.

Someday maybe there will be,

A Hall of Fame for Mothers.


Through the Tears

By: Pamela Hixson 

I see the rainbow through the storm,

through the tears-smiles,

faith in my darkest hour,

and the friend tat walks that extra mile.


I find grace in trials,

hope midst doubt and despair,

light in the darkest of midnight,

and the peace of answered prayer.


A present help in times of trouble,

God supplies every need from above,

for I’ve caught a glimpse of Thee, O Lord,

everywhere there is love.