75 years ago  


Manager H.H. Thomas of the Conway Theatre reported that several small boys using rubber bands and wire staples had caused considerable damage to the new $300 screen at the show house. Several holes were made that would cause pictures not to screen so well. Thomas warned that “spotters” would arrest offenders.

Purchase of a new police automobile was the topic of discussion at the city council meeting. The matter was referred to the police committee to receive bids for a new car. Accounts totaling $1,769 were ordered paid for the general fund and $881.36 from the street fund.



50 years ago 


The Pine Street Polar Bears, seeking to improve on a 1-3 season mark, would meet Arkadelphia at Hendrix College Stadium. Coach Robert Nelson said his club would probably take to the air in an effort to loosen up a strong Arkadelphia defensive line. Pine Street starters would be Carl Robinson, John Green, Billy Lasker, Elmer McCuien, Theodore Perry, Themon Ryan, Roosevelt Morgan, Codies Lasker, David Carolina, Herman Lasker and Morris Credit.

Glenn Adams returned to Sadia Base, N.M., after visiting his father, Roy G. Adams, and Mrs. Adams, and his grandmother, Mrs. R.F. Adams. 



25 years ago


Summer Spear won a Titan 10-speed bicycle that was given away at First National Bank during a child fingerprinting and identification program sponsored by the bank and the Faulkner County Law Enforcement Association.

Advertisement: Western Sizzlin advertised the following dinners: No. 12 Chopped Sirloin dinner - 2 dinners for $4.99; No. 3 Sirloin tip dinner – 2 dinners for $5.99; and No. 1 Sirloin steak dinner - 2 dinners for $6.99. All dinners included the new potato bar, homemade french fries or hash browns and Texas toast. 816 First Ave. 



10 years ago 


George Covington, who had revitalized an old cotton gin and an abandoned boat factory in a two-block area in the last few years, was ready to undertake a third major downtown project. The latest project started with an abandoned 5,500-square-foot warehouse that was once part of Hiegel Hardware. It would be considered part of the Midtown Center, which would border the new facility on the west side. The new building would be located at 1065 Clayton St., between the new Conway Area Chamber of Commerce building and Imboden’s Carpet and Interiors. Across the street would be about a half-acre parking lot, or about 147 spaces. “People love the downtown buildings. They like the middle of town, but they want a place to park,” Covington said.