We are including a couple of extra lake reports in today’s Fishing Report. Variety is sometimes welcomed, isn’t it?

The unusually heavy amount of rain has pretty well thrown fishing off its usual tracks for October. Water is muddy, dingy or at least off-colored, depending on your assessment. Water is also high many places, and the Arkansas River is running high and swift.

Many anglers like to get out and roam around, seek new places, try different approaches to the fish. Most know well that fishing familiar waters puts the percentage of success more in your favor. And we have a few folks that would not even think about going any place but their familiar spot on their home lake.

A suggestion is to try something a little different when conditions are different, as they are now.

Mid-October may mean fishing around stumps for you, but consider easing far back into a feeder creek where water is coming in from rain runoff. You just might find something worthwhile.


Rick Bates at Bates Field and Stream said the water is muddy and high. Bream are biting well on red worms and wax worms. Crappie fishing is good on minnows, but not many big crappie are being caught. Bass are fair. Catfishing is good on trotlines baited with minnows and green sunfish.   

Dan Zajac at Gold Creek Landing said crappie are biting fairly well. Bass are fair. Bream are fair on worms fished near the bottom. Catfishing is good. 


Billy Lindsey at Lindsey’s Resort said the generators are running at a normal level and fishing is very good on wax worms, Power Bait and an assortment of artificial flies. 


Tommy Cauley of Fish Finder Guide Service said the water level is rising with all the rain. The surface temperature is in the high 60s to low 70s. Hybrid bass and white bass are scattered and chasing shad. The cloudy, rainy, windless days have kept the action very slow. They should get back to schooling if the sun breaks free and we get a little breeze. Find the schools on your fish finder and drop a spoon or in-line spinner to them. The smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass bite is off as well. Spinner baits, Rat-L-Traps and crank baits fished shallow are taking the occasional bass. Some deeper fish are still being caught on football head jigs and Carolina-rigged Senkos. No report on crappie or catfish. Bream are biting crickets and crawlers in shallow water around cover. Walleye are fair on spoons and in-line spinners fished in 35 to 45 feet of water near the bottom. The rain has driven the shad deeper and scattered them. 


Coffee Creek Landing said few people are fishing because the lake is being drawn down and will remain so until Dec. 12. 

Greer’s Sporting Goods said hunting and rain have kept the anglers off the water.


Overcup Landing said the water is clearing up. Crappie are good on brush. Bass are fair on spinner baits and buzz baits around grassy banks. Catfishing is fair on worms and cut bream. BREWER LAKE

Overcup Landing said the water is murky and high. Bream are slow. Crappie are fair on black jigs fished in 8 to 10 feet of water. Bass are fair on buzz baits and spinner baits. Catfishing is fair on cut shad. 


Roger Nesuda at Jolly Roger’s Marina said the water is 0.6 feet above the spillway and has flooded all the water willow. Largemouth bass are biting well in 15 feet of water on tubes, spinner baits and crank baits. Spotted bass are biting well on tubes and jigs fished 15 to 20 feet deep. White bass are fair and are schooling around the east end of the lake on CC spoons and Rogues. Crappie are being caught about 15 to 20 feet deep on minnows and 1/32-ounce jigs. Bream are biting well around rocky structure 10- to 20-feet deep, but the bite is dying for the year. Some saugeye are being caught 10 to 15 feet deep on trolled jigs and Rogues. Catfishing is good on minnows, worms and prepared bait in 8 to 15 feet of water.


Hatchet Jack’s Sport Shop said bream are biting fairly well on crickets. Crappie are fair on medium-sized minnows. Bass are fair on spinner baits. Catfishing is fair on nightcrawlers and packaged bait.


Charlie Hoke at Charlie’s Hidden Harbor in Oppelo said the water flow is too high for safe and good fishing.   

In the Little Rock area, Hatchet Jack’s Sport Shop said is main river isn’t good at present, but crappie are biting well in the Little Maumelle on pink minnows. Bass are fair in the Little Maumelle on spinner baits. Catfishing is good on chicken liver in the Little Maumelle and in Palarm Creek.  


John Berry at Berry Brothers Guide Service said the rain raised all the levels in the White River system reservoirs. Wildcat Shoals is hit or miss. This is a broad shallow shoal that can provide limited wading on low levels of generation. Be very careful, as there is a lot of bedrock in this area, which can be treacherous to wade. It did not fish well on those days when it was severely stained. Rim Shoals was hit or miss due to the runoff from the heavy rains. The hot flies have been the black zebra midge with silver wire and silver bead in size 16, prince nymphs in size 16 and bead-head sow bugs, size 14. Other flies, specifically hot pink fluorescent San Juan worms and olive woolly buggers accounted for some large fish. 


Steve Olomon of Steve’s Guide Service said with the rain of the past week the lake level is 558.3 which almost 3 feet up from last week. The water temperature dropped into the upper 60’s. Fish are still coming up early and just before dark. Some of the fish are starting to move up from deeper water but there are still some fish deep. For the deeper fish drop a jigging spoon. Throw a spinner bait along and through the brush on the bank or try swimming a grub or a swim bait to the bank and swim it slow back to the boat. The night bite should start to get good.