By Sheila Lorain Clemons


Everybody needs a friend.

When we are friendly to people

We will make a lot of friends.


Friends keep in touch with each other

by writing letters, calling on the telephone,

and visiting each other

no matter where they live in the world.


Friends go to visit each other no matter

where they live to let them know that

they love and care about each other.


Friends do what they can to help each other.


God and Jesus Christ are our

best friends too, they will never

leave nor forsake us.

We always need them as our friends.

Pledge of Allegiance

By Verna Lee Hinegardner


"I pledge allegiance to the flag," I say

Emphatically; but it means more than that.

The hand to heart, the doffing of a hat.

Bold bugles deep within begin to play

Triumphantly and scalding tears display

My patriotic love of habitat,

Appreciation for my plat

Of land, the right to speak, the right to pray.


Our flag – red, white, and blue- to emphasize

Her valor, purity and vigilance

Unfurls her glory over hallowed ground

Resplendently and proudly prophesies

Progression of our rich inheritance.

Thank God our basic principles are sound.