Aggravated assault on an officer at 1002 East Oak St. (Day’s Inn). Officers responded Friday afternoon to reports that a man who had been telling people that he had been involved in a police chase on Thursday and was still wanted was staying near a local motel.

Upon arrival, police found this man, later identified as 37-year-old Ryan James Anderson of 5002 Southwest Golden Eagle Ave., Bentonville, inside a Honda Civic in the parking lot. An officer ordered him to get out of the vehicle.

"As I got closer I heard the vehicle start and saw the reverse lights come on," one officer wrote in the report. "I drew my weapon and ordered Anderson to stop as I was moving out of the way ... I was barely able to avoid being hit as Anderson went by me."

Anderson then attempted to flee the parking lot in his vehicle, hitting a parked car belonging to a Colorado man in the process, but was stymied by another CPD officer who blocked the exit with his patrol car and was arrested without further incident.