The University of Central Arkansas honored donors and recognized recipients of all private scholarships awarded through the UCA Foundation during a special reception recently. 

The reception allowed donors and recipients to meet and visit while learning about the importance of privately funded scholarships. 

President Allen Meadors called the scholarships “highly competitive.” More than 1,400 students applied last spring for the UCA Foundation’s 321 scholarships, which are awarded annually. 

During the reception, Meadors thanked donors for their leadership to the UCA community. Noting the difficult economic climate, he expressed gratitude for donors who continued their support, which allows students the opportunity to continue their education. 

Meadors also expressed appreciation for the scholarship recipients and asked them to continue to study hard so they could rise to their potential. “We know you are good students and deserve this help and we our grateful to friends who helps us help these students.”

UCA football coach Clint Conque, whose family has established the Conque Family Scholarship, spoke about the fund established based on his experiences after joining the university and his son Chasse’s time in the college of business. 

“It’s important to turn out college graduates,” he said. “Only 18 to 20 percent of the state are college graduates; many can’t afford to go. We feel the need to make a difference, and together we can make a difference.”