Among reports recently released by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office and Conway Police Department:

1. Possible arson at 100 block of Williams Ranch Road (a few miles northeast of Conway). Deputies responded early on the morning of Oct. 13 to reports of a disturbance involving a trespasser. Upon arrival, the deputy was told by the victim that he had encountered a man hiding in tall grass and, upon his approach, the trespasser "jumped up holding a silver pistol." The victim was able to disarm the trespasser after a struggle and was told by the trespasser that he had been sent by the victim’s brother "to check on things because he (the brother) had set the trailer on fire." After this incident, the deputy was again dispatched to the address to find that a trailer was indeed on fire. 

2. Possible commission of a terroristic act at 100 block of Sunny Gap Road (a few miles northeast of Conway). Victim reported Oct. 16 that someone had fired a weapon at a home. The bullet was found in a closet, leaving a hole in the exterior wall.

3. Residential burglary at 100 block of Hargrove Road (a few miles west of Greenbrier). Victim reported Oct. 13 that someone had cut a lock on the door to a shop building and stolen numerous power and hand tools, including a Sears-brand miter saw, belt grinder, weed eater and router, and a DeWalt drill.

4. Residential burglary at 10 block of Mountain Air Loop (on the north Lake Conway peninsula). Victim reported Oct. 13 that at some point between 10 a.m. and just past noon someone had entered an unlocked residence and stolen $3,500 worth of jewelry, several items of baby and women’s clothing and 20 DVD discs.

5. Residential burglary at 100 block of Rocky Point Road (a few miles south of Vilonia). Victim reported Oct. 17 that someone had entered an outbuilding and stolen a basketball goal, potted palm, cutting board and several pictures of her children.

6. Theft of property at 10 block of Centerpoint School Road (a few miles east of Vilonia). Victim reported Oct. 13 that someone had stolen a beige Larson ski boat and matching trailer.

7. Burglary at 1445 Highway 36 (North Oak Church of Christ). It was reported Oct. 11 that someone had kicked open the side door of the church and had apparently tried to kick open the back door as well. On one door was left a large footprint; on the other was left a small footprint. Nothing seemed to be missing, according to church officials, who told deputies that they had no idea who would have done such a thing.

8. Theft of property at 1900 block of Dave Ward Drive, Conway. Victim reported hearing a rattling sound outside of a home and looked out to see a man stealing the hubcaps off of a Ford Crown Victoria.

9. Criminal mischief at 1600 block of Middle Road, Conway. Victim reported that she was attempting to fill her car’s gas tank when she noticed that someone had stuffed several candy bars in the car’s fuel filler hose.

10. Unattended death at Willow Street. Police, the Conway Fire Department and MEMS responded Tuesday morning to reports of an unresponsive infant child. The child was determined to be deceased. Police found no reason to immediately suspect foul play.

(Those with information pertaining to these reports or any unsolved crime are urged to contact the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office at 450-4914 or the Conway Police Department at 450-6120. Staff writer Joe Lamb can be reached at 505-1238.)